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Today’s look takes the black mini, that I’ve worn with several other pieces of the week, and combines it with a classic button down, blazer & peep-toe pumps. I wanted to make the mini more versatile and office friendly. Although, if I actually wore this to work I would pair it with flat, riding boots to take away the attention from all that leg action! For a less vertically enhanced lady I would add those same ankle strap flats I mentioned in my last post. A couple long necklaces and keep the bf length blazer, making the dress appear longer than it is.

Dress:Target x Blouse:H&M x Blazer:NastyGal x Pumps:9West x Accessories:Thrifted

Check Pinterest for more ideas for the classic lbds.

Oh & the new JT 20/20 is out today…have you heard it yet? Was it worth the wait??? BTW-thank God for Spotify, isn’t it like the best invention since Napster?! I mean really! If you’re not hip check it out, ASAP!!!

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